Monday, March 22, 2010

Viaje Del Sueno- Dream Trip

The night before last we went to wish two of our friends: Karla and Brian, Bon Voyage, as they prepare to leave on their adventure, a five month wandering around South America! (You can check out their adventure on their blog). Reading over their inaugural musings naturally led me to muse a bit about our adventure- Pala. Way back in November, when we coined the name for our blog- "On the Adventure," we knew this was indeed an adventure we had embarked upon!

Ah! Dreams! We understand the ineffable pull of the adventure. We too are called to a different kind of life- since 2008 we have been shaping a turtle shell meant to follow us across our wanderings- first by sea, and then, perhaps... if the time comes, by land. We are in the middle part of the preparation- putting finishing touches on the shell and hardcore debt paying begins in the next month- as we hunker down and watch the totals fall towards freedom- we hope in 5 years- when we are 32- we will shove off into the blue expanse- and head south, toward the equator- to begin our wanderings. Until then, we will continue to build the knowledge we need to explore the watery world, and hone the discipline necessary to bring about the nest egg necessary to enjoy it! With much love, we wish our friends Karla and Brian the best of experiences and happiness on their adventure- may it be all that you've hoped for and more than you ever imagined it could be!

Stay tuned to the Adventure as we begin a retrospective of before and after photos, bringing all up to speed on our last year and half of reshaping Pala. We begin this project in preparation for our "work in progress" party this spring! (Too soon for a boat-warming! Though, am I fooling myself if I say- perhaps next spring we'll be warming?)

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  1. Hey thanks for stopping by, both at the blog and at the "house". It was fun!